Please note: Wherever Possible we prefer to use live or life mount photos for these animals however in rare cases we only have field photos.
Please contact GSCO if you would be willing to submit a life mount or live photo

Dall's Sheep
Ovis dalli dalli
Stone's Sheep

Ovis dalli stonei
Fannin Sheep

Ovis dalli fannini
Rocky Mountain Bighorn

Ovis canadensis canadensis
California Bighorn
Ovis canadensis californiana
Kolyma Snow Sheep
Ovis nivicola ssp
koryak snow sheep
Koryak Snow Sheep
Ovis nivicola koriakorum

Okhotsk Snow Sheep
Ovis nivicola alleni

Yakutia Snow Sheep
Ovis nivicola lydekkeri

Kamchatka Snow Sheep
Kamchatka Snow Sheep

Ovis nivicola nivicola

Aoudad or Barbary Sheep

Ammotragus lervia

Gobi Argali

Ovis ammon darwini

Hangay Argali

Ovis ammon ssp hangaii
altay argali
Altay Argal
Ovis ammon ammon

Marco Polo Argali

Ovis ammon polii
Hume Argali
Hume Argali

Ovis ammon humei

Karaganda Argali

Ovis ammon collium

Sair Argali
Ovis ammon sairensis

Tian Shan Argali

Ovis ammon karelini

Littledale Argali
Ovis ammon littledalei

Gansu Argali
Ovis ammon dalailamae
Severtzov Argali
Ovis ammon severtzovi
Kuruktag Argali

Ovis ammon adametzi


Tibetan Argali
Ovis ammon hodgsoni

kara tau
Kara Tau Argali

Ovis ammon nigrimontana
north china
North China Argali

Ovis ammon jubata

Chinese Blue Sheep
Pseudois nayaur szechuanensis

Himalayan Blue Sheep
Pseudois nayaur nayaur

Dwarf Blue Sheep
Pseudois schaeferi

Ovis gmelini musimon

Armenian Mouflon
Ovis gmelini gmelini

Esfahan Mouflon
Ovis gmelini isphahonica
Laristan Mouflon
Laristan Mouflon

Ovis gmelini laristanica


Shiraz Mouflon
Ovis gmelini ssp

Konya Mouflon
Ovis gmelini anatolica

Cyprian Mouflon
Ovis gmelini ophion

Transcaspian Urial
Ovis vignei arkal

Afghan Urial
Ovis vignei cycloceros [bocharensis]

Blanford Urial
Ovis vignei blanfordi

Punjab Urial
Ovis vignei punjabiensis

Ladakh Urial
Ovis vignei vignei

Red Sheep
Ovis gmelini gmelini x
Ovis vignei arkal

Kerman Sheep

Ovis gmelini laristanica x
Ovis vignei blanfordi

Dagestan (Eastern) Tur
Capra cylindricornis
kuban tur
Kuban (Western) Tur

Capra caucasica dinniki

Mid-Caucasian Tur
Capra caucasica caucasica
corsican hybrid
Hybrid Sheep (Corsican)
Ovis sp